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Shopping ID Card

Name: Arribas Brothers Crystal
Location: Magic Kingdom; Main Street, U.S.A.

 Arribas Brothers
(photos below)

One of three Arribas Brothers branches, the location on Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom is the newest, having just moved to its present site on Saturday, February 24, 2007. The new store is in the former Main Street Market House, which sold kitchen items and various Disney-centric housewares. Arribas Brothers was originally located in the dining area of the Main Street Bakery--an odd arrangement to say the least! The doorway inside the old Market House which connected it to the Bakery's dining area (and opened right into the former display area for Arribas Brothers) has been closed off, making this shop a self-contained venture unlike many of Disney's "stores in a row" in which one may walk from the store on one end all the way to the one on the other end without ever going back outside.

Arribas Brothers offers an incredible inventory of crystal and glassware items, many of them Disney-oriented. A glassblower plies his trade in a display work area in the middle of the store, making glass items to be placed for sale as well as special requests. This is the outfit which makes the huge crystal version of Cinderella Castle. That item--priced at $25,000--recently went home with a guest, and it took three months to complete the one which replaced it on the sales floor, according to a Cast Member Aronda spoke with.

The new store building is beautiful, with plenty of room for display cases filled with items ranging from the inexpensive ($12.50) to the unbelievable! Be sure to stop by on your next visit--you may find the perfect piece to top off your curio cabinet!  

The recent closure of The King's Gallery in Cinderella Castle to make way for a Magic Kingdom branch of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique left a gaping hole in the Magic Kingdom's merchandise offerings. Gone was the only venue in which one could buy Medieval-style swords and related items. No more! The Main Street chapter of Arribas Brothers has been expanded toward the back of store, apparently taking advantage of former backroom space to substantially increase the store's floor space. Included in this expanded area is a giant display of all those swords, more glass and porcelain pieces, and a second production display area including a full porcelain and glass workshop--complete with kilns, and a craftsman at work. Not to worry, the glassblower is still plying his trade in the display island up front. A second entrance down the alleyway is now open, making this a large, fun place to shop--an attraction in itself! Check out the photos of the expanded area below!


As of Monday, Feb. 26, 2007, the sign above the door hadn't changed

Window shopping is fun with so many treasures on display, but don't hesitate 
to pop in for a closer look--there's so much more to see inside!

The decor inside still retains the look and feel of the Market House, 
but with a decidedly upscale atmosphere now

Plenty of display cases make for more pleasant shopping compared to the former location. 
Note the doorway to the right of the large case which has been walled in

The area on the right of the above photo is where the glassblower works with a 
blowtorch; the counter on the left does the engraving also offered here

Plenty to see in the new store!

The glassblower in his display island--making great gifts for you and yours!

An opening leading to the newly expanded area of the store

The flooring changes to mark the new area--a new register island sits 
just ahead of the second display production area

The new display workshop includes lots of glass and porcelain 
working tools--and a well-themed setting, including plenty of vintage items and brickwork

Kilns to fire porcelain items

A few of the glassblower's pieces at the front display area

Those swords from the King's Gallery--now on display in the Main Street U.S.A. location of Arribas Brothers

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